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FEA outsourcing

  • Our company assumes all the processes: you don't have to maintain the logistic staff and control their work or study details of purchasing, customs clearance and delivery of goods by yourself.
  • We will assist in choosing a supplier and negotiations. We work in all routes: Europe, China, the USA and other countries.
  • We prepare licenses, certificates and permits for transportation.
  • And suggest you optimal in terms and cost shipping variants.
  • Our employees will calculate the transportation cost, taking into account all related expenses.
  • The price will not change after signing the contract: if the costs increase during the shipment, we defray them.
  • Our managers take on customs clearance: fill out the documents, calculate and pay customs duties.
  • We place the goods into a warehouse with suitable storage conditions.
  • Our company organizes "door-to-door" shipment of your cargo with necessary documents and permits.