International carriages by Sea
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International carriages by Sea

Our clients are sure that international container shipping is convenient, because it is easy to be a part of any multimodal schemes, which significantly reduces costs. After the arrival of the cargo to the port, it is either left in the depot or transported by auto to the final destination point indicated by the drawing unit. Containers that are used for the transportation of cargos by water are hermetically sealed. It protects the contents from adverse environmental factors. The cargos may even stay on the open deck of a cargo ship, as the cargos are protected from precipitation and salt water splashes.

Advantages of carriages of the containers by Sea

Carriages of the containers by Sea are not considered to be fast, but it has a number of significant benefits:

  • Optimal cost - the use of sea transport is much cheaper than air transportation;
  • No volume restrictions - you can transport small volume cargos as a part of the consolidated cargos, and heavy cargos as well;
  • Ergonomics- it is more convenient to use containers when you combine different types of transport;
  • Safety-containers protect all the cargos from the damages caused by adverse weather conditions.

What do we do

  • We load and unload containers using machinery and cranes;
  • We seal the cargo to ensure its maximum safety;
  • We deliver the container to the sea port or railway station;
  • We fill in all the necessary documents for the transportation of the containers;
  • We will transport the container with the cargo and pass all the necessary verification procedures;
  • We will inform you about the delivery of goods to the destination point.

To order carriages of the containers by Sea you can contact us by phone, leave a request for a back call or send us an e-mail. We will clarify all the terms and your preferences, develop an approached scheme and carry out all the necessary stages of transportation. You can be sure that the price fixed in the contract will not be changed even if we incur additional costs.

International carriages by Sea