Delivery and the customs clearance of cargos from China
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Delivery and the customs clearance of cargos from China

Modern business is interested in fast delivery of inexpensive, but high-quality products from both Russian and foreign manufacturers. China is considered to be the most profitable option among all the importing countries. According to statistics, more than half of the cars, machines and equipment come from this country. The second place takes the textile, and then metal products. Import restrictions are imposed only on toxic chemical components, compositions, individual substances, waste from chemical and other hazardous industries, and the equipment that has already been used.

There is no need to keep a staff of specialists to execute the necessary documents and organize transportation properly, even if we talk about regular large purchases. Our company has more than 12 year’s experience of delivery and customs clearance of the cargos from China. Each employee of our company has the necessary experience and knowledge to conduct the transaction quickly and profitably for you.

Services related to the delivery / customs clearance of cargos from China

Documents related to the import or export of cargos must be filled in correctly, as any defects can lead to denial, large fines and other additional costs. We appreciate your money, nerves and your time and we offer a variety of related services.

  • We will help you to understand all the details of the purchase, take the products from the factory and deliver it to the destination point;
  • We will register you as a participant of foreign economic activity, so that you have the opportunity to conduct international business, transport and carry out customs clearance of products from China;
  • We will answer all your questions on the setting up a foreign economic contract;
  • Select the commodity nomenclature codes of foreign trade. It is important for filling in the declaration and calculating the final amount of customs duties;
  • Prepare documents for customs clearance of cargos from China;
  • Optimize all costs associated with the paperwork;
  • We will fill in the customs declaration correctly, and most importantly in time;
  • We will represent your interests in customs authorities.

Time of delivery depends on the chosen method:

  • Delivery by plane (no more than 8 days)
  • Delivery by truck and plane (no more than 15 days)
  • Delivery by truck (no more than 25 days)
  • Railway transportation (up to 35 days)

If necessary we use special transport for dangerous cargos or transport with refrigeration equipment.

How much does the service cost?

The final price consists from the following items:

  • Delivery from the supplier to the place of dispatch
  • Customs duties from the side of the importer;
  • Delivery to the Russian Federation by one or several types of transport;
  • The price of customs clearance of cargos from China
  • Delivery to the destination point;
  • Type, volume and weight of the cargo.

The use of containers or transportation as a part of grouped cargos significantly reduces the cost.

What do we do?

  • Load and unload cargos;
  • We seal the cargo to ensure its maximum safety;
  • Deliver containers to the seaport or railway station;
  • Fill in all the necessary documents for the transportation of containers;
  • We will transport the container with the cargo and pass all the necessary verification procedures;
  • We will inform you about the arrival of the cargo to the destination point.

Contact us

You can call us, leave a request for a back call or send an email. We will clarify all your conditions and preferences, develop an approached scheme and carry out all the necessary stages of transportation. You can be sure that the price fixed in the contract will not be changed even if we incur additional costs.

Delivery and the customs clearance of cargos from China