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Release of DT 30 minutes from the moment of filing
Direct communication with the declarant for the prompt resolution of issues
years of expirience
Agent network all over the world
We guarantee that the offer price = the price of the account
We know 7 major world languages
High qualification of employees

About Us

LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS has operated in the international shipping market since 2005. We are proud of our team, which speaks 7 languages and has comprehensive professional training. Our employees have worked in logistics since 2000 and have experience in foreign corporations that's why they understand how logistics processes are organized in Russian and foreign companies, how decisions are made and how costs are distributed.

We are paid not just for the transporting the goods from point A to point B, but for taking on your "headache", which means:

  • understanding your business needs,
  • developing the optimal transportation route,
  • negotiating with suppliers,
  • contracting with trusted and reliable carriers,
  • arranging safe loading and unloading,
  • formalizing documents for customs correctly and on time,
  • seeing about cargo's safety on the route,
  • solving the troubles that can arise on the route operatively and not distracting you from your business tasks.

We specialize in working with companies and entrepreneurs. We supplied equipment for painting lines of "Nissan", "Hyundai", "Volkswagen" and "Ford" car plants and locomotive plant "Ural Locomotives"; elevators and escalators for "Mega" and "Kalita" shopping centers; equipment for the largest turkey meat producer in Russia "Krasnobor".

Our company organizes complex transportation by several transport modes all over the world and we do it faster than others and with optimal costs.

You can involve us in the shipping process at any stage to solve the arised problems. If the customs doesn't release your goods or the carrier cannot give information on where the cargo is, we will investigate the problem and solve it re-adjusting the whole process, if needed (assuming negotiations with suppliers, carriers and customs and formalizing documents properly and quickly).

We can be trusted. We care about your business like about our own. Executing your order, we provide full confidentiality and assist you in saving assets whenever it is possible without sacrificing neither cargo safety no the necessary quickness of shipping.