list of documents required to register a participant
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List of documents required to register a participant

  1. Statute of legal entity and amendments to it. (Notarized copy + Word)
  2. Founding adreement and amendments to it or decision on creation of legal entity. (Notarized copy + Word)
  3. Copy of Founder's decision on appointment of the General Manager. (Letter head+Word)
  4. Copy of Order of appointment of the General Manager (Letter head+Word)
  5. Copy of Employment contract with General Manager (in case when he/she is not the founder) (Letter head+Word)
  6. Copy of Order of appointment of the Chief Accountant (Letter head+Word)
  7. Copy of General Manager’s and Chief Accountant’s passports with registration. (Letter head)
  8. Copies of the founders’ passports
  9. Copy of Certificate of registration of the legal entity. (Notarized copy)
  10. Copy of Certificate from Federal State Statistics Service (Goscomstat) (not older than 6 months) (Notarized copy)
  11. Copy of Certificate or notifications of registration of the legal entity at the Ministry for Taxes and Levies (Notarized copy)
  12. Bank certificate on opening of currency and rouble settlement accounts (not older than 1 month). (Bank.)
  13. Certificate from the Inspectorate of the Ministry for Taxes and Levies on making amendments in the USRLE (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) in accordance with the form Р № 50003 (in case if such amendments had place) (Notarized copy)
  14. Copy of Certificate of re-registration (if it had place) (Notarized copy)
  15. For FEA participants registered before 01.07.2002 and having 100% of foreign investments – copy of Certificate from State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Russian Federation (Notarized copy)
  16. Copy of Accounting balance sheet for the last tax period with the mark of a tax authority that it was recieved (Letter head)
  17. Copy of Rental agreement or Certificate of ownership for premise and warehouse

 (Letter head)

  1. Copy of Contract with Addendums. (Letter head+Word)
  2. Copy of transaction passport. (Bank)
  3. Extract from the USRLE (not older than 1 month). (Notarized copy)
  4. Copy of Employment contract, order of employment, passport, pension insurance certificate number of the organization's customs representative employee (Word)
  5. Invoice (scanned copy)
  6. Packing list (scanned copy)
  7. Transport documents (СМR, ТIR, air waybill) (scanned copy)
  8. Technical description of goods (Word)
  9. Сеrtificate/declaration of compliance (scanned copy)
  10. Electronic digital signature